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BidCactus is probably among the five most popular penny auction sites and is popular with many penny auction fans who like a wide range of products to choose from as opposed to the specialized or smaller niche based sites. While this site has many things in common with the other penny auction sites out there, there are also several things which set them apart.


BidCactus Reviews Continued

Pros of BidCactus Reviewed

One of the easy things to notice right away is that BidCactus offers a lot of different items for sale. They offer a wide range of different gift cards from to Omaha Steaks and everything in between. Collector's Blu-Ray and DVDs, kitchen appliances, and Kindles are just a few of the other items which pop up frequently. For bidders who aren't only into electronics this site can provide many other options for bidding.

Some auctions the price goes up as high as 10 cents a bid instead of 1, which can lead to using less bids to get an item, and there is definitely no BidCactus scam as there are hundreds of reports from happy bidders who received their merchandise after winning. Reviewing BidCactus also revealed they run many different types of promotions, and they are one of the few penny auction websites which is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited.

BidCactus Reviews - The Negatives

There are far fewer electronics on BidCactus than about any other penny auction site out there, but does this make it a BidCactus scam, we think not.  However, for many people this will be a major turn off as many penny auction fans like the electronics. In addition, the shipping times for BidCactus are notorious for taking much longer than with many other auctions sites, in a few cases being even as long as two or three weeks before the winning item was delivered through the mail. Contrary to some other reviews online, BidCactus is not a scam as everyone receives their winning prize, it might just take some time.

There are also some positives which could be considered negatives. The auctions that go up at 10 cents a bid might result in fewer bids but also a more expensive final price for the item. In addition, while some people will love the wide variety of items offered for bidding, there are also people who will find this messy, disorganized, and will have a harder time finding something that really interests them.

BidCactus Reviews - Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, there is no BidCactus scam although there are plenty of people who fall on both sides of the fence as to whether or not this is a good penny auction site. There are many great deals on gift cards, so if you can use a discounted gift card to Toys 'R Us, Amazon, Omaha Steaks, Chili's, Home Depot, or any other place like that then BidCactus might be one of the best places to find a good deal. On the other hand, if you're big into electronics and other big tag items then this might not be the best of the penny auction sites for what you're looking for.

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